Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Community Grocery Stores

Ah, those beloved old community grocery stores.  What a wonderful thing they were to the communities.  A special place in the community, not just to purchase needed household items, but to meet friends, chat a while, find out was was next in the community and how everyone was doing.  Maybe set a spell by the old stove, if it was a cold day outside.

One of these was the Hascal Love Grocery Store, located at Midway, KY on Hwy. 60 West, halfway between Marion and Salem. 

Hascal Love's Grocery store opened in the early 1940's.  He, his wife, Elizabeth, daughters Linda and Joyce, lived on one side of the store building for years while he ran the grocery.  

In the picture left to right: C. W. Love, Reg Guess, Jap LaRue, Alfred Benton, Melvin Ramage, Hascal Love and daughter Joyce.

Another well-known store known for its' warm welcome to neighbors and the young people of the area was the Lee Loftis Store. 

 Mr. Loftis had a shed built on the side of their store, and it had chairs and a table where the people could sit and eat their lunches they had bought in the store.  It was also the place that the community children could gather to catch the school bus in bad weather.

Pictured are left to right: Carol Damron, Oynaul Wheeler, Joe Yates, Isabelle Koon, Robbie McClure, Donald McClure, and standing in front Lee and Ruby Loftis.

As time goes by there are fewer and fewer that remember the simpler days of the community grocery store where you were always welcomed, the day where anyone could stop and buy a freshly made sandwich, ice cold drink, and sit on a bench and eat your lunch and watch the world go by, course, much more slowy, for the world wasn't in such a hurry then.

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