Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marion Post Office 1905-1917

This building located on East Carlisle St. is one of oldest original buildings left in Marion.  

It was built after the devastating fire of 1905 that destroyed all of the business section of town.  The towns people wasted no time in rebuilding, for it was re-opened in in the fall of that year.

The section on the right with the blue doors was the new Post Office.  You can still see the words Office Building about the doors.  The section on the left at that time was one large room and it was the well-known Haynes and Taylor Drug store.  Upstairs were more office suites.

This post office served the Marion area for several years until 1917 when the new post office down the street was built and ready for business.  The mail capacity just got to large for this building to handle, so the new one was much in need. 

The last business that has been in located in this historical building has been a dry cleaners, it was known for years at Marion Dry Cleaners, and was run by the Hicklin brothers.   Frank Pierce now owns it and it has been renamed Coach's Cleaners.  Mr.Ronald "Tink" Hicklin, who is in his 90's still works part time at the cleaners. 

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