Monday, January 14, 2013

Marion Music

This is a great old picture postcard of one of Marion's early brass bands.
The Marion Silver Cornet Band.

The picture was probably in the early 1900's.  It was made by the side of the old Court House.  The post card was published by J. H. Orme. Marion, Ky.

The names are Emmit Koltinsky; Chas. A. Moore; Wm. Clark; Ira Sunderland; W. L. Venner; Dr. F. W. Nunn; Waston Davis; C. P. Noggle, Director; J. C. Wallace; Jas. T. Travis; Elmer Franklin.

Through the years Marion had many community bands.  They were an important part of the community, although not much history was ever written about them.  Only some great old pictures of the different groups, and many times, there would be no names to identify the members.  What a shame this history is lost from us.

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