Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alexander Dean Home Place and Cemetery

The picture to the right was located on the Fords Ferry Road about 5 miles from Marion.  It was a landmark and a beautiful old home.  The picture was made sometime before July 1983.  (Wish I had a color photo of it.  All I have is this one from the local paper.)

According to Dean family history the house was built about 1826 by Alexander Dean.  He was the first Dean in Crittenden County, and he moved to the Fords' Ferry area from Centerville in what was then Livingston County.  Alexander was the son of Job Dean who came to Kentucky from North Carolina.

The house in later years was known as the Joe Dean Place.   It passed down to through the family until it was owned by a niece.  She then sold to Gilbert Cloyd and he still owns the property today. The old home was stupidly destroyed by fire in July of 1983.  Arson was suspected as the cause, but I don't know if it was ever proved or not.  The house was empty at the time, but had furniture and other items of value stored in it.  

Only the chimneys were left after the fire was finally put out.  Nothing was saved.

The lot where the house once sat is empty today with only some foundation and rocks to show a house had once been there.

In the field behind where the old home once sat is a large Pecan tree and to the right of the picture where the Cedar Trees are is the Alexander Dean Cemetery.

Those buried there are: Alexander Dean, Nancy Dean, Patrick Henry Dean, Jane Ann Dean, Alfred Dean, Nannie Dean, Joseph M. Dean (for who the place was last known by) and and Infant daugher of J. E and G. Dean


        The old stone of Alexander Dean.

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