Saturday, December 15, 2012

Old Buildings

Another one of Marion Main Street's older buildings is where Cochran's Hardware Store used to be located. This building was rebuilt after Marion's terrible  fire of 1905. It had been a part of Marion's downtown for more than 90 years when the familiar store closed its doors in 1986.   A sad day when it had to close. 

 Cochran's specialized in hardware, but also sold things from buggies to bridles to china and lamps and all kinds of hardware and paint.  There was a time when you were talking about hardware, that Cochran's was the name and Marion was the place to buy it.

Frank Lawson was the last owner and he operated the store for 16 years after buying out Georgia Cochran who had run the store with her late husband, Thomas  Cochran.  

After Mr. Lawson sold the store and all the items that went with the business, the building was purchased and ran as "Quilting Tomorrow's Heirlooms."  It only stayed in business for a few years and now the wonderful old historical building sits empty, hoping for a new owner and a new lease on life, and once again being a business on Marion's Main Street.  (the picture was made in Dec 2010 when the quilting store was still there.)

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