Friday, November 25, 2011

Small Business Day

Friday Nov. 25th, 2011 is being promoted by the media as Small Business Day.  Encouraging everyone to shop local and shop at the small independently owned stores.  It really hit home this morning as I was downtown Marion going to the Bank.  All of Marion's once busy stores down town are gone, I'm not saying there aren't any stores left open, but none that were originally there many years ago.  No Drug stores, no department stores, no grocery stores or Five and Dime Stores.

There were only a couple of vehicles parked at the parking places on Main Street or down the side streets.  Many years ago this would have been a busy day for the town of Marion.  In the picture above, which was made in the mid 1940's gives us the memory of what a busy place it was, full of all kinds of businesses and shopping opportunities.  Not just one department store, but 4, 2 drug stores, barber shops, grocery stores were also on main street and around the court house square, eating places and even a  theater.

The picture at the left is West Bellville St.  The Red Front store was popular, and next to it was a hardware store, grocery store, furniture store and a few others.  Just look at tall the people on the street and all the cars parked along the curb.

I know this has happened to most all small towns, just a shadow of their former glory.  But it's fun to remember the busy times of yesteryear.

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