Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Copperas Spring School Students 1885-86

This old picture at one time belonged to Braxton McDonald.  He numbered and identified all the students in the picture.  Which makes it a treasure.  When the picture was made the school house was made of logs. 

 1. Marshall Hill, 2. Mack Hill, 3. Henry Wilson, 4. Ed Custard, 5. Euen Travis, 6. Sallie Travis, 7. Ida Wheeler, 8. Ellen Custard, 9. Susie Travis, 10. R. F. Wheeler, Teacher, 11. Maggie Hill, 12. Edna Travis, 13. Linnie Brantley, 14. Rose Travis, 15. Susie Brantley, 16. Susie Custard, 17. Sarah Travis, 18. Mattie Custard, 19. Rose Brantley, 20. Fannie Travis, 21. Aggie Travis, 22. Bertie Travis, 23. Ellen Travis. 24. Ida Custard, 25. Effie Brantley, 26. Bell Little, 27. Mon Travis, 28. Elbert Hill, 29. Bob Travis, 31. Joe Travis, 32. Jim Travis.

Later a 2nd building was built, and the school house used to be located on the Copperas Spring Road.  At one time it was one, of only two, old one-room school houses left standing in the county.  It was razed in 2010 by the owners of the land, but not before they offered what was left of the old building to anyone that would take it and try to restore it.  There were no offers so the building is now gone.

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