Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mule Days In Marion

In the early 1900's when Crittenden County had County Court day on the first Monday of each month, people came from all over the county plus from surrounding counties.  Some came to attend the fiscal court meeting, but most came to attend Jockey Lot and what they called "Mule Days."  

The ad at the right appeared Mon. 14, 1904.  I will be in Marion on Monday, Nov. 12th, County Court Day, to buy mules for Southern Cotton trade, and for European war purposes.  Bring in your mules and get the cash for them.  Signed: F. W. Huddleston, Hickman, Tenn.

The press reports on the day.  Monday was mule day again in Marion.  A party who was interested took advantage of the occasion to count the mules and horses in town and to his astonishment found that there were over one thousand head here.  The mule buyers were here from Illinois and from Union and Christian Counties.  Layne and Leavell Bros. bought 23 head of horses.  R. M. Young bought seven head of young mules.  Dave Woods bought three head of mules and others whose names we did not learn bought several head, making in all over 40 head that changed hands and at prices varying from $75.00 to about $200. per head.  R. W. VanHoosier sold to Lawson Bros. one pair of mules for $400.  J. R. Marvel sold one mule for $140.00, J. J. Hunt two mules for $265.00, one mule colt for $75.  These are just a few of the good sales that were made.

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