Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gypsies in Marion

Here is an interesting little article that appeared in The Crittenden Press on Feb. 5, 1937.  Things we don't think of much anymore.  Just like the hobos that used to travel the train tracks and go through the little towns along the way asking for food.

Sunday, Chief of Police C. B. Hina arrested members of a gypsies party passing through Marion.  These gypsies were wanted in Livingston County on several pickpocket charges, alleged to have been made at Salem.

One group of the rovers took $10 from the picket of C. E. Butler, Salem grocer, as he was waiting on them.  At the same time members of the same party took $5.00 from a cash register in the Butler store.

Across the street others of the gypsie band after gathering around Jap Riley, removed Mr. Riley's purse from his pocket, and before he realized that anything was amiss had extracted $11.50 which it contained and had returned the wallet to his pocket.  Mr. Riley was unaware of his loss until a bystander, on the opposite side of the street, informed him of what had taken place.

By the time the losses had been discovered the wanderers had loaded in their cars and were speeding toward Marion.  Their five automobiles, though old, were of expensive makes.

While in Marion members of the band entered several local stores and several suspected attempts at picking pockets of local citizens were foiled.  All but $3.50 of the money taken at Salem was recovered.

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