Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hurricane Camp Meeting Over

The historic Hurricane Camp Meeting is over for another year.  This was their 123rd.  Quite an accomplishment to still be having this spiritual revival in the oldest open air tabernacle in Crittenden County.

As you drive up to the Church the sign in the picture at right will greet you and welcome you to the Church and Camp Grounds

The present open air shed or tabernacle was built in 1920.  The supports are made from trees that were cut from the nearby forests.  They are an impressive sight.

The picture at the left gives you a view of part of the inside of this large barn like building.  The seats aren't made for comfort either as you can see.  Some of the visiting folks can be seen bringing chair cushions for comfort while sitting.

Another old sight that caught my eye as I was looking around is a very large tree located behind the shed, on it are many carvings of initials.  Not readable now, for the tree has grown in height and width since they were carved in the bark, and they are distorted in shape.  I wondered who had carved these initials, probably a girl and boy friend that had attended camp meeting many years ago.  In an early time this was a popular past time, carving names and dates on trees.  It was a fun thing to do and was a special thing for a couple to have their names carved on a tree.

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