Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Crittenden County has two cemeteries that were named Mt. Pleasant.  One is a Black cemetery located in the Bells Mines community. 

This article is about the old cemetery that is located on the Crittenden Springs Hotel land on S. R. 1668.  
 At one time there was a good congregation of Methodists at Mount Pleasant Church, which was located back of the Crittenden Springs Hotel.  It is not known what year it was organized but it was a thriving church in the 1850's.  From an item in the Crittenden Press  August 22, 1912, The regular annual graveyard cleaning will take place, Saturday, August 31, at the old Mt. Pleasant Graveyard on the Crittenden Springs land.  Those interested will please come and bring tools.  signed: W. M. Clark, Committee.

The old cemetery has been abandoned for many many years.  Without the help of someone that knows where it is located, it's almost impossible to find.  Located on a hill side, most all the stones are down and most are broken.

In the picture at the right you can see a few on the stones, a few standing and some leaning against trees.  It seems such an unlikely area for a cemetery.   It is thought the old church might have been located close by in the same area.

This is the stone of Nancy Brown Moore.  Born Dec. 27, 1802 and Died April 6, 1859.  She and her husband, Robert Moore, came to this area in 1834 from Orange County, North Carolina, and settled on what is now called Moore Hill (on Hwy. 60 west).  Her stone was  broken but we were able to locate the two pieces.

Nancy's husband's, Robert Moore,was  born Feb. 11, 1780 and died Feb. 27, 1858.  The top half of Robert's stone is broken off and we were unable to locate it in the thick covering of leaves.

This interesting little stone with the Angel playing the harp is for Marietta Franklin, daughter of Angereau and Lucinda Stephens Franklin.

The stone was very ornate and still in good condition to have been there since 1857.   She died at the young age of 21.  Wonder why she died so young.

 A younger brother, Wm. A. Franklin, was also buried close by. 


Jill Jaco said...

I am a descendant of this Robert and Nancy Moore. Their son Elvis Brown Moore was my grandmother's grandfather. Would you happen to anyone I could contact about finding this cemetery.

Forgotten Passages said...

Jill, you can e-mail me at bunderdown@apex.net
for more information about the cemetery and the family that owns the land.