Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marion's Early Car Wash

In the year 1925 Marion was busy and buzzing with many new automobiles.  In order to keep up with the times a new business was added to Marion' directory.  How about an Auto Laundry?

From the files of The Crittenden Press, August 1925 comes this interesting article about Marion's new business.

How about a new place where you may get your autos and 4ds washed.? 

When Mr. Levi Cook built his auto laundry it was the finest thing of it's kind in America in a town any where near the size of Marion.  Equipped for speed and this together with a desire to render service at a moderate price this establishment is always busy.

The demand for this service grew to such an extent that Mr. Cook has added to the equipment by installing a deep well electric pump for supplying water for the radiators of such motor cars as need a drink as they go by.   All you have to do now to water your radiator is to drive up and reach over and grab the hose and press the handle of the faucet while holding the nozzle in the proper place.  A quick service gasoline station is also maintained.

Mr. Pid Threlkeld is in charge of the establishment and he will see that if you drive up, either for an automobile bath, or to have a tank filled with gas, that you are made welcome and waited on with a smile.

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