Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hood'sCreek School

Hood's Creek School - early 1930's.
1st row - 2 boys sitting down:  L -R:  Sam Robertson and Loyce Ford
2nd row: E. L. Phillips, James C. Brantley, Frankie Robertson, J. D. Orr, Glenn Brantley, Edna Ford, Norma Phillips, Margaret Phillips.
3rd row: Naomi Ford, Nenna Orr, Ersie Ford, Glenn Tosh, Bill Ford, Hershel Brantley, Mary Edna Dome, Guthrie Ford.
Lady on left in the back is their teacher - Susie Orr.

To reach the site of the old Hood's Creek School you would travel on Highway 60 E to the top of Rosebud Hill.  Turn right onto the Nunn's Switch Road.  The school was located about three-fourths mile from Nunn's Station, a railroad switching station on the Illinois Central Railroad between Repton and Blackford.  The school was so named because of Hoods Creek which flowed by it.  

The old school ended as many of the old wooden frame school houses, it burnt one cold winter day in the 1940's.  The first fire in the old pot bellied stove somehow set the roof on fire.  After that the 18 students were transported to Mattoon.

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