Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music of Yesteryear

Marion must have been a musical town many years ago, for there are several unidentified photos of the old bands that used to perform around the area. 

Many of them had impressive uniforms on with all kinds of horns as their instruments.  Not much history has been recorded about these bands.  I wish we had more to read about these musical days and of the men that played the instruments.

In the picture at right, I believe must have been one of Marion's Brass Bands, for all the instruments but the big drum seem to be brass horns.  

Here is an article that appeared in The Crittenden Press, Dec. 17, 1896.  Perhaps it is about the picture above.

Marion has a brass band, the organization was completed several days ago, with some of our best young men in the band.  Shortly after the matter was first talked of, an order was made for a handsome set of instruments and they arrived last week.

The boys have begun work under the tutorship of their leader, Mr. T. C. Jameson, who is an old band man, and adept with all kinds of mustical instruments.

The members of the band are T. C. Jameson, H. V. Stone, R. F. Haynes, W. D. Browning, H. S. Perkins, D. B. Kevin, E. D. Gray, W. D. Cannon, S. R. Ad ams, W. F. Clement and J. C. Bourland.   (Don't you just love how they always just use their initials and not their full name)

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