Thursday, November 11, 2010


HONOR OUR VETERANS, not just on Veteran's Day but everyday of the year.

What a beautiful day today to go to Mapleview Cemetery and gather around the War Memorial that was built in 1948 to hear the Veteran's Day Program and to pay tribute to those past soldiers that served our great country and to honor and thank those that are alive today.

The Crayne Presbyterian Church, that is located at Crayne Kentucky, and where I'm proud to say that I am a member and attend church, honored our church members that are Veteran's.

Left to right:  Emmett Jennings,Retired Veteran of the U. S. Air Force
Preston Perryman -Veteran of the U.S. Navy
Jim Estes -Veteran of the U. S. Army
Seated: - Maurie Houston Kirk, Veteran of World War II, and recipient of the Purple Heart.
Marvin Ordway - Retired Veteran  from the U.S. Air Force
Rudy Fowler - Retired Veteran from the U. S. Army
Not in picture were:
J. T. Travis -Veteran of U. S. Marines and Retired from the National Guard
Bobby Roher - Veteran of the U. S. Army


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