Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kemp Cemetery

Always on the watch for any news about our old abandoned cemeteries, I was fortunate last week and got invited to visit a very old cemetery in the eastern part of the county.  It's laid abandoned and forgotten about for many years.  

Roger Simpson, now owner of the land where the cemetery is located, asked me if I would like to go see it and make some pictures.  He has recently cleaned it off and had work done on the stones.  He plans on keeping it cleaned off as he has respect for the old cemetery and the history it holds.

More on this cemetery and area where it is located will be featured in my article in The Crittenden Press this week.

 This is a scene from one of the bluffs.  In the middle of the photo is the Piney Creek.  It looked like a small mountain stream viewed from this point on one of the bluffs.

God's county, I call it.

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