Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peter Shewmaker Home

One of Crittenden County old rural historic homes that is left standing today is the Peter Ewing Shewmaker home located on the old Fords Ferry Road.  The house was built about 1880.-81  (the concrete floor, porch and stairways were added in 1980)

Peter Ewing Shewmaker was by trade a carpenter and also a farmer.  Peter was born in 1831 and died in 1917. He traveled a lot of years in his youth but returned to Crittenden County in 1871.  Soon after returning he purchased, what is still known today, as the Shewmaker Farm, located five miles from Marion.  Along with farming, he ran a successful general store which was located on the farm near the site of the home place today.  

At the time of Peter's death, the Shewmaker farm was passed down to his son William Duvall "Billie" Shewmaker.  At Billie's death, his eldest son, William Arzie took over ownership and active operation of the Shewmaker farm.

Today William Arzie's son, William "Bill" Shewmaker and his family  live in the family home, which has been there for approximately 130 years, and Bill operates the family farm and carries on the family tradition.

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