Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Historic Marion Home

Although Marion has lost some of our old historic homes and some now are in a state of disrepair, we are fortunate to still have several of these older homes still being care for.  

One of these well-maintained homes is located at 203 East Depot Street on the corner of Depot and College Streets.  

This home was built in 1893 by Perry S. Maxwell, a well-known, well-off, businessman of Marion.  The home, when first built, was a one-story home.  

Mr. Maxwell first sold the house to Dr. Robert L. Wheeler and his wife, Onie Wheeler.  They lived there until 1902.  

In 1902 Mr. Lemah H. and Elizabeth James became the owners of the house.  By this time in our history two story homes were the most fashionable to own, so Mr. James had another story added to the home. 

The next occupants of the house was Mr. and Mrs. James son, Ollie M. James.  This was their home during Ollie's rapid climb up the political ladder.  Ollie M. James was our State Senator from 1913 until 1918, when his tragic death of a kidney disease. 

Today this home is owned and well kept by Robert Jenkins, and it is known by the Ollie M. James  home.

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