Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barnett Chapel General Baptist Church

One of our rural churches located in the scenic countryside is the Barnett Chapel Church.  It is located about 14 miles from Marion off of S.R. 297.  It's location is marked by it's own road sign.  

The church was organized in August 1911 by elders A. S. Johnson and J. W. Ellingtron with 25 charger members.

The first church was built in 1913 and stood until 1950, when the present church was built.  Services were held the first Saturday night and Sunday of each month until 1947 when the church began having services twice a month.  In 1963 it began having full time services.  As you can see on the sign that has been placed on the front of the church, the wooden structure was bricked and remodeled in 1974.

This is the way the church looks on a pretty fall morning of October 10, 2010.

Services are still being conducted at the church with Tolu native, Steve Tinsley, being the present pastor.

Many years ago the land in this area was owned by P. C. Barnett.  There is a family cemetery known as the Barnett-Miles Cemetery that is located not too far from the church location.  This old cemetery is in shambles with not one of the family stones left standing.  Cows over the years have taken their toll on the cemetery and using the stones as a back scratcher have over turned and broken the historic old stones.

Mr. Phineas C. Barnett obituary reads as follows:  July 30, 1896 - P. C. Barnett died Friday, July 24, 1896, surrounded by relatives and friends at his home near Tolu.  For several weeks he had been gradually giving away to the demands of nature.  Though 87 years old, Mr. Barnett's mind was clear up to the last.  His remains were placed in the family burial ground on his farm.  Mr. Barnett was born in Warren Co. Kentucky, February 16, 1809.  His grandfather was a soldier in the Revolution and did valiant service in a North Carolina Company.  P. C. Barnett moved with the family from Kentucky to Missouri, where he remained until he was 17 years old, when he returned to his native state.  A little later he entered Cumberland College.  In 1865 he came to what is now Crittenden County and settled on the farm where he spent his last year.  He united in marriage to Miss Jenette Threlkeld, with whom he lived happily until her death.  Surviving children are James C. Barnett of Texas, Col. T. T. Barnett and Wm. Barnett of this county and Mrs Sallie Miles, who has resided with her father since the death of her husband several years ago.

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