Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Veteran's Walk of Honor

The Genealogy Society was in low number on Saturday, June 13th as we made our field trip to the old Blackford Church and Campgrounds, now known as the Blackford Walking Trail, and the Veteran's Walk of Honor.

Standing beside the impressive monument are members Doyle Polk and Connie Gould. The monument is more than four feet tall and made of stone. It is the centerpiece of the Walk of Honor which includes bricks etched with the names of military veterans. The sign at the right marks the entrance to the grounds.

This project was a vision of Brent Witherspoon, a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and director of the Veterans Walk of Honor and Blackford Bridge project. Witherspoon began the project after using grant funds to preserve a historic bridge near the area. A railroad once passed through where the trail is located today.

The old Blackford Church is in the process of being renovated and turned in to a Museum for the history of the area and a welcome center for visitors who come to the area. There is also a pavilion with electricity and picnic tables. Mr. Witherspoon usually has a Memorial Day and Veteran's Day program, and they are wonderful to see. Makes you proud to be an American and very humble to these Veteran's who gave their all for our freedom.

If you want to know more about the area, you can visit Dan's website at www.blackfordky.com

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