Sunday, June 28, 2009

Piney Fork School News

Piney Fork School News - September 1933

  • Thirty-six pupils are enrolled in the Piney Fork school this year. Practically all of them are attending every day and are showing great interest in their school work. More than twenty have perfect attendance records for the first two months of school
  • Several projects are being carried out in the various grades with special emphasis being placed on penmanship and drawing.
  • Monthly improvement records of playground activities, such as the hundred yard dash, chinning the bar, jumping, etc., are kept and are creating much interest.
  • The school room has been painted and redecorated. New window shades and curtain have been added. Some of the furniture has been varnished and appropriate pictures placed on the walls. The school room has a neat and homey appearance and the pupils delight in keeping it clean.
  • The Chapel has been brightened the first two months by a study of over two hundred beautiful copies of world-famous pictures.
  • Every minute of time is taken up in constructive work and play activities. If you want to see pupils work and enjoy school just come out to Piney Fork. There are no visitors' day - you are welcome any time.
  • Braxton McDonald is the teacher at Piney Fork this year.

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