Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hurricane Camp Meeting

It's once again time for Crittenden County's Annual Historical Hurricane Camp Meeting.

This will be the 121 camp meeting that has been held at this location. The longest continuous camp meeting still being held in our county. It hasn't missed a year having the much looked forward to worship service and nightly gatherings.

The church members, friends and neighbors start weeks before getting the shed, cabins, camp ground, and dining hall in top shape for the week long activities. This year was a tough one for these workers. The history making ice storm of late January this year worked havoc with the stately old trees on the grounds. It was a tangled mess of limbs and branches. One could hardly walk to the shed and cemetery. But all is well and ready for it's people starting Monday, June 13th.

This annual event used to be always held in the fall and it was looked forward to for months ahead of time. From the Sept. 4, 1890 edition of The Crittenden Press comes this news item.

The Camp Meeting.
As camp meeting is about all you hear of now, a few notes in regard to same may be of interest. The meeting is held under a large shed, and it is said about 700 can be comfortable seated there in.

Rev. J. J. Smith assisted by Revs. Breeding, Hunt and Remhardt are doing wonderful work. Among those encamped on the grounds we may mention J. W. Guess, R. G. Carty, John Perry, Kay Love, R. S. Clark, Mr. Milliken, and A.M. Baldwin.

Take it all in, all the meeting to this date has been a great success. Other items of interest are:
  • Will Beard keeps the Commissary. Two bits gets you a meal.
  • Milliken is the hotel tonsorial artist.
  • Watermelons find a ready sale. A cheap transparent meal for a "nick."
  • Henry Flanary and Clem Nunn of Marion, camp meetinged Thursday night.
  • Murphy and Threlkeld run the "Liberty" stable, and are doing a good biz.

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