Sunday, May 11, 2008

Visit to Greens Chapel

Greens Chapel was located between the community of Bells Mines and Weston in the Northern part of Crittenden County. Not much is known about the history of this small neighborhood. At one time it had a wooden structure that served as a school during the week and a house of worship on Sunday. Today all that is left is the cemetery, that is well kept, and is a reminder that there was a neighborhood with families living close by. From the April 11, 1895 Crittenden Press we will learn some history of this place and the people that lived there, through the community news items submitted by a local neighbor.
  • Wheat crops in this section are in a flourishing condition.
  • It has been feared by some that the peach crop in this locality would be an entire failure; no doubt the fruit crop may have been injured to some extent, but at present the prospects are promising.
  • J. R. Daughtry was in our midst this week.
  • H. L. Culley was around this week in search of beef cattle.
  • No wonder that Gardner Walker smiles when he speaks, it is a fine boy at his house and completed the half dozen.
  • W. D. Cain spent Sunday in Salem.
  • F. B. Heath returned home Tuesday from Paducah.
  • Miss Georgie Truitt, after a three or four months stay with relatives at Heightsville, returned home Sunday.
  • The entertainment at W. M. Asher's Saturday night was largely attended and enjoyed.
  • Misses Gertrude and Valeria Nunn after a visit of two weeks to relatives near here, returned home on Sunday last.
  • Mr. Silas Phelps visited Mr. R. N. Grady's Sunday.

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