Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our City Marshal

January 4, 1900
Mr. J. Frank Loyd is the only man that has ever succeeded himself as city marshal of Marion. He was first elected and served four years, and then was chosen by the city council for one year. At the first meeting of the new city council this hear he was again elected by unanimous vote on the first ballot for two years. His choice three times is the best of evidence that he is a faithful, efficient officer.

The new city council organized Tuesday night, Mr. J. C. Bourland was elected city clerk, J. W. Wilson city treasurer, and J. Frank Loyd as city marshal. Immediately after the organization there were two applications for saloon license - C. E. Doss & Co., and J. H. Orme. Both were granted. For the first time in four years, Marion has saloons. They began business yesterday. There are two to start with and we understand there will soon be another applicant for license.

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