Friday, February 24, 2017

Rev. John Travis

Rev. John Travis, whose family settled in what is now Crittenden County in the early 1800s, was distinguished by being the first Methodist preacher circuit rider sent west of the Mississippi River to lead men to God.

Rev. Travis after traveling eight years relocated back in Crittenden County and married Miss Cynthia Traylor.  They married in Caldwell County on Sept. 23, 1815.

They settled on a farm not far from his brother, Arthur Travis, Revolutionary War veteran.  This land was in the Piney Fork area, located on the Travis-Alexander Road.  

There are two family cemeteries located near by.  John's wife, Cynthia, has a stone in the little Travis Cemetery, but John does not have one, or it has been lost over time.

The other cemetery is the Wilson-Travis cemetery, it was located near Arthur's home place, but he or his wife, Patsy Ramsey Travis have a stone.

So much history lost in these little cemeteries through the years, by either not ever having a tombstone or the tombstone being lost or destroyed over the years.

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