Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1951 Crittenden County High School Graduating Class - Special Memories

On Sept. 17th, 2016, the 1951 graduating class of Crittenden County High School held their last reunion.  This class holds a special place in the history of the Crittenden County Schools, as they were the first graduating class of the new High School.

All reunions are special and a much looked forward to event.  This reunion was a bitter-sweet one for these last few remaining classmates.

The Crittenden County High School was created in 1950-51.  This new High School was built for the purpose of closing the four county high schools, which were Mattoon, Shady Grove, France and Tolu.  

The county high schools had dwindled in student number until there was only 3 or 4 graduates at the schools.  Tolu School was probably the largest with the most students.  

All four of these county high schools made up the new Crittenden County High School.  What an exciting adventure and learning experience for these students.

They had a reunion every 5 years since they graduated in May of 1951.  There were several reasons they decided that this reunion would be there last.  Bad health, unable to travel long distances to the reunion and the age factor were all reasons they felt it was time to end the gatherings.

Here are the people that were able to attend their 65th reunion.
Front row/left to right.  Hazel Greenlee Guess, Jerry Hughes Beavers, Wanda Easley Ditty, Mildred Underdown Delaplane, Clara Nation Brinkley, Doris Oliver Brasher, Louis Wilson Howerton.
Back Row: Betty Linzy Young, Ray Belt, Paul Davenport, Brooks Travis, Erroll Leet, Robert Brantley, Harold Woodside, Clayton Shewcraft and Anna Walker Herzer.

A more detailed article will be in the Crittenden Press on October 20th.

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