Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stores Close on Wednesdays

Remember when Marion would just about close down come Wednesday at noon?  Most all the business on Main Street would close up at noon.  

Here is an interesting article from The Crittenden Press, April 19, 1957.

Most businesses in Marion will close at noon Wednesday from May 1 to September 25 as the result of a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting was called by Gene Beard, acting president of the Businessmen's Association, and was attended by representatives of 27 Marion business houses.

Others had sent word they would go along with the group's decision on the matter.

Votes at the meeting first approved the principle of closing one afternoon a week during the summer, then chose the period the practice was to remain in  effect, then decided to retain Wednesday as the closing day.

Voted down were supporters of both longer and shorter inclusive periods, and setting Thursday as closing day, desired by some to provide an afternoon off without having to return to town for prayer meeting and to meet Princeton's off day.

As has been the practice in past years, stores will remain open Wednesday afternoons when a national holiday falls during the same week.

Stores and offices agreeing to close Wednesdays were:
  • T. H. Cochran & Co.
  • Hill's Hardware,
  • Hunt's Department Store
  • Williams Department Store
  • Marion Dry Cleaners
  • The Peoples Bank
  • Franklin-Biggs
  • Phelps Grocery
  • Woodall Insurance Agency
  • Farmers Bank & Trust Co
  • Andrews' Jewelers
  • Fritts Grocery
  • Red Front
  • City Barbara Shop
  • Arflack Radio & TV
  • Johnson Electric Co.
  • McConnell Barber Shop
  • Grady's Super Market
  • Marion Barber Shop
  • Taylor & Vaughan
  • Western Auto Associate Store
  • Rose Cleaners
  • Cox Five and Dime Store
  • Crittenden Grocery
  • Ben Franklin Store
  • Marion Shoe Store
  • South's Grocery
  • Aubrey Grady & Co.
Sad now to see our main street so empty of businesses, only The People's Bank and Farmers Bank & Trust are still in Business.   Their hours are on Main Street are different from the older days, as they are open Mon-Fri, 8:30 to 4:30 and closed on Sat.

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