Thursday, June 2, 2016

Marion Attorneys At Law in 1895

Attorney's played an important role in our County's early history, for not only did they have many cases in Court at Marion but when the need arose, they would travel to the different districts in the county and would have court there.

 J. W. Blue, Jr. of t he law firm of Blue and DeBoe, was educated in the public school  and Marion Academy, and graduated from the Marion Academy in 1880.  He then entered upon the study of law in his father's office and also supplemented that knowledge by attending lectures in the Louisville Law School, graduating in 1885.

By his oratorical powers and persuasive presentation in addressing a jury, the force of his argument is very powerful. 

John Wm. Blue, Jr., died in 1934 and is buried in Mapleview Cemetery. 

John W. Blue, Jr. in 1895.

Wm. J. Deboe the second partner of this firms, also received his early education in the public schools of the
county and at Bethlehem Academy.

After graduation, he taught for five years in Crittenden and adjoining counties.

He then attended Ewing College in Illinois, studying both law and medicine.

He was admitted to the bar in 1889.  His magnetic personality and easily recognizable abilities soon place him among the top attorney's in the area.

William J. Deboe died June 14th, 1927 and is buried in Mapleview Cemetery.

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