Monday, May 16, 2016

Avery Reed Family

A well-known name associated with the mining industry during this time was Avery H. Reed. He was a mining engineer and consultant in the zinc and fluorspar business. His name is mentioned in many of the articles about fluorspar mining in the early 1900's as he opened, and had an interest, in many of the mines here in Crittenden County.

Avery H. Reed and his family lived in Marion in 1902 until 1907, moved away for a few years, and returned to stay in 1911. They lived and raised their family in the beautiful old home that sits 428 South Main.

A while I received a letter from Mr. Ronnie Doyle, a guide at the Mammoth Cave National Park. I wanted to share the letter, I think you will find it interesting also.

Mr. Doyle wrote, I have been intrigued by the name of Avery Reed, Marion, Ky., which is smoked on the ceiling of Mammoth Cave in the Frozen Niagra section, in Sandy Avenue of the New Entrance tour.

The signature is fairly large in size, and excellent penmanship. Whomever this person was they took pride in their penmanship and the appearance of their signature. It also took some time to write this name on the ceiling.

Each time I take a group through this section of the cave I cannot help but wonder who this individual was.

This section of Mammoth Cave was not discovered and opened to the public tour until 1923. This area of the cave was owned by George Morris, who was also a mining engineer, and shown to the public from 1923 to 1931.

In 1931 Mr. Morris sold his section to the State of Kentucky. After this time the public was not allowed to put their names in the cave.

I sent Mr. Doyle information that I was able to find on Mr. Reed, his family, and his profession here in Crittenden County.

 In reply, Mr. Doyle told me the information is now on file in the Mammoth Cave Library, and he shared with us a photo of the smoked signature that is in the cave.

Interesting to know a part of our local people and history is shared with people from all over the United States.

This is a picture of the name in the cave.

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