Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Merchants of Weston in 1880

In 1880 Weston was a town of about 200 residents.  It was a thriving river port town and was the home of several places of business.

 Harry A. Haynes, ran the town drug store. 

The store was small, but the bottles were large and full.  Mr. Haynes was thinking of building a larger store to hold more stock, and meet the growing demands.

 During the last year his sales were $4,000.00

Weston had two hotels.  R. L. Wallingford is proprietor of the American House, and C. T. Davis is the clerk.  Bar rooms are kept in connecgtion with the hotels.  The clerk of the American House estimates his sales for the past  months at $3,000.00

Joseph L. Hughes is proprietor of the Weston Hotel.

 John Heath is his clerk.  The hotel was known for it's sumptuous meals

J. W. Adams was the town's blacksmith.

 He was kept busy striking the red-hot iron making plows and other farm and home implements.

His ad appeared in the Crittenden Press in June 1881.

 John Nunn and Co. owned and operated a hardware store.  they carried saddles, tin ware, all kinds of farming implements, household furniture, everything that was needed in the community and surrounding area.   

Such wonderful and rich history surrounding the old town of Weston.  Any signs of the old buildings of this once busy river town has disappeared through the years, mostly on account of all the flooding that happens most every year.

Today it is still a beautiful place, but now with several beautiful  homes built alone the flat area a short distance from the Ohio River, but nothing to remind one of times past.

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