Monday, March 21, 2016

Construction of Fohs Hall -1926

The building of Marion's historic Fohs Hall is quite interesting.  It's beginning in 1925 was very exciting for the city of Marion.  Never before had someone donated such a wonderful gift to Marion and Crittenden County.  
The building itself will be a beautiful one and will be not only be a school addition for the educational and recreational facilities of Marion, but a public building that will enhance the beauty of an already charming building site with it's stately trees and green lawns.

The general type of architecture of the building will be colonial, with four large columns in front of the Roman Corinthian period design.  These are the same design as those of the Pantheon at Rome.
The cornices will be of stone, as also will be the columns.  The windows will all have metal sash and the design is very artistic.  Foundation material will be local limestone.  The steps will be of the same material as the cornices.

The main entrance to the building will be very ornamental.  A rise of four long stone steps will lead one up on to a large tiled floor portico.  

The main entrance will be through a massive front door into a spacious lobby.  To the left will be a lounge room beautifully appointed.  The room will have a coatroom and lavatory. The family of the late T. J. Nunn gave the furniture for this room in memory of their father.  (Today this room is known as the "Nunn Room").

To the right of the lobby will be a music room, also with coatroom and lavatory.

The auditorium, one of the principal features of the building will be a combined gymnasium and auditorium.  When used as a gymnasium the playing floor will be thirty six by sixty three feet, with two balconies for spectators to watch the games.

When needed as an auditorium there will be seats on the playing floor facing the large state, making the total seating capacity about 800. 

The stage is large with a dressing room on each side, these occupying the entire width of the building.

On the second floor will be the library and balcony of the auditorium.  The library and reading room in to be seventy feet long by twenty four feet wide with a fireplace at each end of the moor.  Fireplaces area also to be in the music and lounge rooms.

On the second floor will also e a fireproof booth for motion picture machines.

In the basement will be found rooms that will be of considerable interest to the school students.  There are to be shower baths for boys and girls; locker rooms for each sex and a storage room, all with cement floors.

There will be a sewing room for the Home Economics girls and a domestic science room with cement floor.  The basement will also contain a large room for agriculture class work.

No a single feature has been omitted for this project that will make it serve its intended purpose.

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