Monday, November 16, 2015

The Singing Sheriff

Several years ago in the 1950's Marion had several musical bands that played at different functions and everyone enjoys these events.  All the members of the group were local folks which made it even better.

One of the well-known groups was The Kentucky Wonders, it was formed by Ray Wlson.  Ray was our
county sheriff from 1950-1954, so he became known as "The Singing Sheriff."

His band consisted of Leman Little, Guitar; Bernal "Little Jack" Little, Fiddle; J. D. Orr, Steel guitar; and Sparky Winders, Base fiddle, Bill Marvel also played guitar for the group.

The Kentucky Wonders was a popular band and played many functions around the area, at local meetings, on the court house lawn on week-ends for everyone to enjoy.  They also taped several songs at Mr. Wilson's house to be played on a Princeton Radio Station.  The Kentucky Wonders also appeared on a Henderson T. V. Station.

The Kentucky Wonders also cut a few records, some of the titles were "Waiting with Tears in My Eyes, What  Have You Done With My Heart, Plain American Boy and Heart Stealer.

When Mr. Wilson took a job as U. S. Marshall in Owensboro the band broke up and he had to move to where his job was located. 

  But Mr. Wilson was always known and remembered as our "Singing Sheriff."  He came back often to Marion and played for special functions that were being held.

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lolvalstein said...

I found a 45 by Ray Wilson "The Singing Sheriff" on Sound Quest Records, A side is 'Red White and Blue' with The Windy Hollow Bunch and B side is 'Too Many Night Alone.'