Monday, November 23, 2015

Repton's Old Baptist church

The little railroad community of Repton in Sept. 1894 was getting ready for the dedication of their new church.

From the files of The Crittenden Press, Sept. 13, 1894.  Sunday was the day for the dedication of the new Baptist Church at Repton.

Long before the hour for services the people began to arrive from the surrounding country, many coming
from a long distance to hear the sermon and to take part in the services.

There were enough people present to fill the beautiful building two or three times.

After the morning sermon a bountiful dinner was spread on the ground and the multitude fed to repletion.

In the afternoon another service was held, and it was decided to continue the meeting indefinitely, and at the regular hours all his week services will be held.

Rev. Spurlin, of Sturgis, preached the dedicatory sermon.
This old church served the community until 1957, when the members voted to buy land at Mattoon from Fredrick Brown and construct a new building.

The old building was getting in need of updating and they decided to build the new one in a more centralized location, and just off of Hwy. 60 N.   The last event in this church was the wedding of Percy Summers to Willie Jewell Hendrix in July of 1954.

This old wooden frame structure church was located about a half mile off of Hwy. 60 on the Repton-Fishtrap Road.  There isn't anything left of the old church and the location is now part of a farming field. 

This is a picture of the Repton Baptist Church today.

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