Monday, September 28, 2015

The Granville Franklin Clement Home

 The Granville Franklin Clement Home later known as the the Hurst Home was located approximately seven miles east of Marion on Hwy. 120.  It was build by Granville Franklin and his wife, Margaret Saline Phillips Clement.  Granville and Margaret were married in July 1833, and their home was probably built soon afterwards.
This picture of the beautiful old home was made about 1910 after the Earl Hurst family was living there.  Left to right are: Lura Bell (Kemp) Hurst, holding daughter Katie; Louisa Jane (Woolf) Hurst; Ormond Hurst; Robert Earl Hurst; Fred Hurst; Roscoe Dye - a neighbor; and Leonard Hurst, husband of Lura, father of Katie.

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