Monday, September 7, 2015

Graveyard Knob

Crittenden County has beautiful scenery all across the county.  Out in the Eastern part of the county are many hills and bluffs that almost make the area look like you are driving into the Smokie Mountains of Tenn., especially early of a morning when there is a fog hanging on the top of the bluffs. It is a beautiful sight.

Many of the bluffs and hills have names that have been carried down through the ages by family and people that lived in the area.

One of these beautiful and mysterious bluffs is known as "Graveyard Knob".  It is located from Marion on Hwy 120 about 5 miles.  I don't know who owns this bluff now but back in the 1800's the Stewart family owed it.   

Mr. J. N. Dean who lived at Deanwood and wrote in-valuable articles about the area told in one of his stories that at one time there was a graveyard located on top of the bluff.  He even stated that there was a row of graves and that Mary Newell Stewart's grave was there.  Mary Newell Stewart was the wife of William Stewart.  

Children that lived in the area and could see the rounded bluff from a distance would tell that they thought a giant was buried there, as the bluff resembled a huge coffin or grave from a distance.  As you can see in the picture above it does resemble a grave.

Moses Lam, born Jan. 16, 1788, son of John and Comfort Beller Lam, died when he was about sixteen years of age from 'cramps."  He had been working in the harvest field and went into the creek bathing when he was too hot and died a the result.  He was buried on the Graveyard Knob.

There must have been other family members buried here as Mr. Dean stated he saw a row of graves, but there is nothing now that anyone can find. 

B. C. McNeeley told me back in 1995 that the knob had been logged for timber, and the sandstone rock monuments were suppose to have been stacked against a tree. 

 Mr. McNeeley and myself searched for a long time in March of 1995 and we never found these rocks or anything that looked like a grave.  But after a wooded area has been logged, the heavy equipment would have destroyed anything that once was there.

Mr. McNeeley, takes a break from our searching and rests against one of the unusual rocks that were located on the bluff.

Graveyard Knob, and the lost burials that are there, are now just a part of our Forgotten Passages of time, few now, even know of it's existence.

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