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Joseph Newcom Family

Joseph Sylvestor "Ves" Newcom Family Home.  Wasn't it a beautiful home with all the gingerbread trim and the unique roof line with the wooden trim.  According to Glenn Newcom, descendent of Joseph, this picture was made about 1898.

Front row: Joseph Marion, Joseph "Ves"  holding May, Lena and Wlbur.  Standing in back: Clyde and Margaret (Lucas) Newcom, wife of  Joseph.  

Here is an interesting little article that appeared in The Crittenden Press, May 13, 1915.
Newcom's Family History.  Joseph Newcom, grandfather of the late Joseph Ves Newcom, was born in Scotland in the year 1767.  Hearing of America, the sturdy highlander with his bonnie bride determined to try their fortunes in the new county.  

Landing at New Orleans in 1795, they made their way up the Mississippi, Ohio, and Cumberland rivers and settled on the banks of a small tributary of the latter, in what is now Humphrey County, Tenn.   Here they lived till 1807, and they then, with their four living sons, one of whom was married, moved to Kentucky and settled in the community of what afterwards became Bells Miness.

Their son Joseph soon imigrated to Illinois, and with the excetion of occasional newspaper accounts, little is known of this family.

Dudley married and settled on what is now known as the Finis Black farm.  

William married and warranted the tract that afterward became the Steve Rutherford home. 

John went back to Tenn, married Sarah Price and settled on his father's land.  To this couple were born nine boys and five girls. The sons in order were as follows:  Dudley, John, Joseph, William, Wesley, Pleasant, Dennis, Alvin, and Newton.  The daughters were: Martha, Nancy, Betsy, Sarah, and Jame.

John remained in Tenn., until 1828, when he moved to this county and settled what is known as the lindle farm.

His third son, but fifth child, Joseph was born in Tenn., Jan. 7, 1825.  He married May Eliza Cain, oldest child of Charles S. Cain.  To this union was born eight children, seven sons and one daughter.  Two of these boys died while small.  John Albert, the third child, died while a young man, 27 years of age.  Joseph Sylvester, (our picture's home), the oldest living, resides near Weston.
Joseph Sylvester and his wife, Margaret Cain Newcom are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.  Crittenden County.  Joseph died Jan. 24, 1929 and Margaret died July 24, 1929.

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