Monday, December 15, 2014

Eulanda, Historic Home

One of Crittenden County's oldest homes, "Eulanda" was once home to Eula Clement, daughter of John Randolph Clement and Feliciana Desdemona Nunn Clement.

According to the late county historian, Thomas Tucker,  John Randolph Clement contracted for the construction of the home in 1859 at a cost of $150.00  

 The builder, John Fowler, agreed to get the timber and construct a house 46' x 18' wide.  The original home consisted of three 17' x 17' rooms, a 10' x 17' hall and an ell-shaped porch.   The timbers supporting the floors were logs which had the bark left on them.  Sandstone from a nearby quarry was used for the foundation and the two chimneys at the house.  

One of Mr. Clement's four children was a daughter, Eula, who was born in the house.   She was born in 1882 and lived in the home almost up to the time of her death in June 1974. 

Mr. Tucker inherited the house after Miss Eula died, and he and his wife, Ethel, in the 1980's did a major renovation of the house by adding two bedrooms, two baths, a basement, and other modern conveniences.  They made Eulanda their summer home until 1985 when they sold the home and furnishings at auction.

The home since then has had several other owners, but Eulanda is still a beautiful home and definitely full of history.   The home is located on the Dam 50 Road (now S. R. 397).  The picture above was made in April of 2008.

An strange occurrence is that father and son both died from timber related accidents.
Father John Rudd Clement, got hunt in an accident at his sawmill.  He injured both his legs so badly that they had to be amputated, all they had for pain was whiskey, and in was given to him in excess and he died from it.   He is buried in the little family cemetery located near his home at Clementsburg, near the site of Dam 50.

Son, John Randolph Clement on March 9, 1894, met with a shocking accident and received injuries from which he died in a few hours.  His death came from a head injury received while prizing stumps from his meadow.  He is buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery.

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