Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sugar Grove School

Another one of our old rural county schools was the one-room Sugar Grove School.  It was located about 1/4 mile down from the Sugar Grove Church on the Sugar Grove Church Road.  It's beginning started in the 1800's.

According to Miss Ruby Dean, who taught there at one time,  she remembered the school sat on the hillside where it appeared to be wedged and seemed to have been there forever.  She taught school there in the early 1900's.  

In 1930 families that were attending were Urie Conger children: Alice, Delphia and Kattie Conger;
James Walker's daughter Mary Bell Walker; Everett Woodside, son of Lester Woodside; Bethel Woodside, son of Herbert Woodside; Herman Travis children,Wilbur, Cliford, Glendal, Melborn and Mildred Travis;, Thomas Hunt children, Gustava, Barney, and Holis Hunt; George East, son of James East; Thomas Travis children, Brinnie, Fred and Lela Travis.

By 1950 there were very few students attending the school.  The last teacher was Arrie Joyce.  When the school was closed in 1950 the students were sent to Shady Grove.

This is a picture of the old school.  Do not have a date on when this was made.

(Sue Sigler Keeling shared this picture with me several years ago)

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