Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hamilton- Stalion Family

Located in the mid-west section of the county on an old farm place is the unusual marker for the Hamilton-Stalion Cemetery.  The large monument was erected by Dr. J. R. Hamilton, of Mitchell, Ind. in 1965.  The original nine monuments are now set in the one large concrete base with the large monument on top giving a detailed family genealogy of the families.  I will have to say it is hard to follow.

 Direct descendants of Joshua Hamilton 1818-1876 whose number is many in the Hurricane community of Crittenden County and scattered throughout many states have visited the family monument in the Glendale community over the years.
 Joshua Hamilton history on one side.  This side has 3 of the stones.

Stalion on the opposite side.  This side has 6 of the stones.
Pictures made in October 2003.
I hope the monument is still in place today and in good condition.

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