Monday, March 11, 2013

No Place To Stay

Marion has, for several years, needed a new hotel or motel.  Many visitors that come through or that come for family and school reunions, find themselves traveling to Princeton or Eddyville to find a place for more than just a few, to be able to stay.

Years ago Marion had more available and convenient places to stay, but that seems like a thing of the past these days.

One of the larger places was the Curve In Hotel and Cabins, located just a short distance from down town Marion.    

The hotel had 10 rooms.

There were six cabins located to the left of the hotel.  There were advertised in the 1950 as having shower stalls, commodes and lavatory, plus a gas stove in each cabin.  There were completely furnished with beds, chairs, rugs night stand and other articles.

At one time Lee Cullen owned them.

These pictures were made in 2011 and the buildings have been empty for many years.  Both are in a sad state of deterioration.  

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