Sunday, March 17, 2013

EMMAUS Baptist Church

One of our faithful county churches still having weekly services is the Emmaus Baptist Church located off S. R. 855 N. on Emmaus Church Road.


Emmaus is pronounced E-may-us and the name is taken from the Bible. 
There are no written records available from the earliest church services held here, but from the deed recorded in the Crittenden County Courthouse, Dec. 1870 Samuel Howerton deeded one acre more or less to be used by the Baptist Church Emmaus, so long as it was used as a Baptist Church or school.

The Emmaus Bapist Church building was built not far from the Claylick Creek,.  later a piece of land was added to the lot, purchased from W. N. and Nannie Brown.

The church has had some natural disasters that have caused some damage to the church building.   The worse was the 1937 flood.  The water from the Clayclick Creek that runs in front of the church got so high that it got several feet inside the church and ruined everything, the pews even floated in the high water.

A new Memory Garden was added in 2009.  This would give everyone that had lost a loved one an opportunity to plant a tree and place a memorial plaque in their honor. 

Beyond the usual flower memory garden, the members came up with the unique idea of planting fruit trees.  

Their reason was a verse from the Bible, Psalms 1:3.  The fruit of these trees would be a symbol for the fruit of the lives of these loved ones that have passed away and through their children, and their families, and through the generations yet to come.

These pictures were taken in Oct. 2009

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