Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joseph Crayne, Civil War Veteran

During the year 1928, The Crittenden Press featured a series of articles and pictures on Civil War Veterans and Senior Citizens that were still alive.  This one featured on Feb. 24, 1928 is of Joseph A. Crayne.  

These little articles are really a treasure for the genealogist, for it tells a lot about the person that you might not be able to find elsewhere.

Joseph A. Crayne, a veteran of the Civil War, recently celebrated his 90th birthday.  Mr. Crayne is a native of Crittenden County and has lived here all of his life.  He was born February 9, 1838.

Mr. Crayne lives with his daughter, Mrs. Abe Hunt, near Piney Fork.  Eight of his thirteen children are living.  They are Mrs. Abe Hunt, Sherman Crayne, Mrs. Ellen Jaob, Mrs. Nannie Hunt, Mrs. Sol B. Hunt, Mrs. Nonie Gass, Willis G. Crayne and Mrs. C. L. Hughes.

Mrs. Crayne, who was Miss Janie Deboe, a sister of the late Senator W. J. Deboe, died 38 years ago.

During the War Between the States Mr. Crayne served for three years under Grant and  Sherman.  He was in the battle of Shiloh and the battle on Lookout Mountain and marched with Sherma to the sea.

Mr. Crayne said that during the war he carried a $10 bill in his shoe to keep Morgan's men from finding it and that he finally were the bill out.

Joseph A. Crayne died June 26, 1929 and is buried at the Piney Fork Cemetery.

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