Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Civil War Veteran, W. C. Guess

Here is another Civil War picture and article from The Crittenden Press, March 23, 1928.

W. C. Guess, 77 years old, was born January 22, 1851 and is now living in Dycusburg, Ky.  He is a veteran of the Civil War, having served seven months in the Union Army.  Mr. Guess' own story of the Civil War follows:  "I served in the army for about seven months as a volunteer.  I was living on my father's farm near Walnut Grove when I enlisted in a regiment being organized at Pleasant Hill.  All were ready to fight and the enemy failed to make the charge.  We were expecting the Rebels at Princeton but they deceived us and captured Eddyville.  

I took the measles while at Smithland, was about to recover when I was taken to a barn to sleep and took a back set.  I was taken from Smithland to Owensboro but while there was so weak they decided to send me home.  So I came to Fords Ferry, thence to Marion, which was only a small place; just a few houses, one store and the Court house and hotel.  The city of Marion was all in woods then.  Before I was able to go back peace was declare and I was never mustered out, so I never got anything for my service, not even the honor of being a soldier.

Mr. Guess's children: the oldest son, Jesse Guess, of near Frances, was about 50 years old, Mrs. J. M. Duvall, of near Dycusburg, Mrs. W. W. Green, of near Fredonia, Mrs. Warner Bell, of near Dycusburg, Mrs. Eearl Bell, of near Dycusbug, J. A. Guess, of Dycusburg, Mrs. J. C. Duncan, of near Dycusburg, H. C. Guess, of near Frances, Ms. Archie Turley, of near Dycusburg, Arlin Guess and Miss Lucy Guess, who make their home with their parents.  Three children died in infancy and one when he was six years old.

Mr. Guess died January 4, 1929 and is buried at the Caldwell Springs Cemetery near Frances, Ky.

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