Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marion's Old Water Tower

A familiar Marion landmark of years ago was the Marion Water Tower.  It could be seen for miles around and really was a nice familiar sight to see.  It identified our small town for miles around.  It was taken down in February 1981.

 The 150-ft. steel tower, located on property the city owned off South Walker Street, had dominated the town's skyline since its construction in 1925.

The standtank had not been used since the early 1970's when a new tank was constructed on Wilson Hill off the Piney Road.  The old tank made of quarter-inch riveted steel sheets, had rusted over the years.

It was first thought that the old tank could be dismantled and erected elsewhere, but after closer inspection it was found to be deteriorated too much for further use.

So in February 1981, the old familiar Marion landmark came crashing to the ground as workmen from Henderson cut away two of the towers six legs and notched other to direct its fall.

Using a winch, they buckled a key leg, and it dropped exactly on target, causing no damage to water lines or power lines near by.

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