Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crittenden Springs Resort

I've written about the once famous Crittenden Springs Hotel before, but it is a part of Crittenden County's past history that holds a fascination for me, just to think about a place so wonderful and grand once actually graced the hillside in rural Crittenden County.  

Here is an article that appeared in the Crittenden Press in Sept. 7, 1893 about this wonderful place. 

A Guest Writes Pleasantly of the Famous Watering Place. 

As I sit in the handsome parlos of this famous health and pleasure resort this delightful cool morning, and allow my eyes to wonder forth upon the beautiful panorama of natural scenery composed of hill and dale, forest and field, rock and meadow, that greets me from my eyrie upon the crest of the hotel hill and my ears drink in the delightful music of the Italian band, my mind reverts to the happy days I have spent amid all their splendor of natural scenery, human joy and refinement, and it is with a pang of keen regret that I am reminded that in one more reolution of the sun in its orbit I will have left it all behind me possibly forever.

Not only has Crittenden Springs been nicely endowed by nature, but for above and beyond all natural beauty is the exceedleness great kindliness, courtliness and hospitableness that has marked the conduct of the present management.  As for the culinary department, never has a summer resort been blessed with such good food, or more enjoyable entertainments that the Crittenden Springs.  What with mother hubbard balls, phantom balls, private theatricals, progressive cinque parties, vocal and instrumental music and other entertainments galore, the week as been one continual round of pleasure.

How exciting to go back in time for a spell and visit this wonderful place in Crittenden County

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