Thursday, May 26, 2011

Underdown Family Cemetery

With Memorial Day fast approaching it is time one again for the placing of flowers on the graves of our loved ones.  Whether it be at a large cemetery or a small country family cemetery, it is a proud feeling for us when the cemeteries are preserved and cared for.  We have many, many, family cemeteries in the county that were once loved and cared for by family members that owned the land where the cemetery was located.  

Today many of the family cemeteries are left abandoned and overgrown as the original family members are dead and gone and their lands have been sold to people that care nothing for the family graves.

The cemetery in these photos is the Underdown Cemetery located on the Aunt Jane Tabernacle Road in Western Crittenden County. 

The oldest stone there is for Abraham McElroy Underdown, the starting of the Underdown family in Crittenden County. 

Although not a large cemetery, but the resting place for the first Underdown's that came from Sevier County, Tenn. in the 1860's, to find a new home in Crittenden County. 
The family cemetery is well taken care of by Stephen Glenn Underdown, a GGG-Grandson of the first Underdown, Abraham McElroy.  It will be ready and waiting for family members to visit this coming week-end.  Pictures made May 2011.

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