Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marion's First Garage

Most of Crittenden County natives have known and visited the familiar store of Cochran & Co. that was located on Main Street.  Here is some early history of the company and their new Garage and Salesroom.  Although these historic building are still standing today they have a different look.  But at least we still have them.

August 26, 1915 - The contract has been let for the new brick building for T. H. Cochran & Co., to be used as a garage and salesroom.  The building will be a one story brick with concrete floor. 

The building will be located on Main Street, just three doors south of the firm's main store.  Cochran & Co. expects in the future as in the past, to look to the best interests of their customers.  Not only do they carry the premier line of buggies but also the largest assortment of surreys and carriages in this end of the state, and in addition this week they are expecting a car-load each of Studebaker and Maxwell automobiles all 1916 models.

The picture above was made in the 1930s.  Note the old gas pumps located right in front of the garage on Main street.

This picture made in  the 1950's.  You can see the large door on the left where vehicles could be driven into the garage and into the show room.  Two gas pumps still remain on the side walk next to Main Street.  I am not sure when these pumps were removed. 

This is how the buildings looks today.  They still look the same structural wise and are still in good shape.  The garage part on the far left is not being used today.  A few years ago this garage part was used as a small antique mall.  It was a wonderful place to showcase larger antique items.  The show rooms next door are now the home of home health equipment, and attire for the medical profession. 

The brick building next on the right is the home of the Hamilton's Superior Trophies, they made all kinds of trophies and plaques and also sell items that have the Marion name on them and also Crittenden County's Rocket name and emblem.

It's great to have these historic old buildings still being taken care and in use today.  They sure add a touch of class toMarion's Main Street.

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