Saturday, February 5, 2011

Puckett Spring


Crittenden County has many natural springs located all through the county.  Some are more well- known than others.   Many years ago these springs seems to be a favorite place for gatherings and picnics.  There is something special and mysterious about the springs.  Many of these springs are hidden from the normal passers-by and if you don't know they are there you will drive right by them and never know their hidden beauty.  Puckett Spring is one of these.  It is located  close to the inter-section of Claylick Creek Road and Emmaus Road in a field behind an old barn.  Passing by it just looks like a normal flat farm field.  So when you walk up to the spring it is a beautiful sight.

From an article in an old Crittenden Press, dated Sept. 2, 1932 we read of plans being made for a special picnic at the Puckett Spring.

4-H Clubs plan to meet Sept. 10th.  Plans are being developed by Crittenden and Livingston County 4-H Clubs for a picnic and gathering to be held at Puckett Spring located near the old Salem Road.  Puckett Spring is one of the loveliest areas in this section of the county.  Parents and friends of members of the clubs are urged to attend and enjoy the basket dinner which will be served.   There will be seven clubs from Livingston County and clubs from Crittenden will include Mattoon, Piney and Union.

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