Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hebron Church - Then and Now

Hebron Methodist Church, one of our many rural churchs that has disbanded over the years due to lack of support  and membership.  

This church was established in the mid 1890's.  It was well attended in the earlier days, as people were not as mobile as they are today, and they attended the churches close to where they lived.  

There was also many more families that lived in the rural areas than there are today.  People moved away and no new families filled the vacant farms.  Also, used to be that everyone just expected to attended Sunday School and Church come Sunday morning.  My family attended this church in the 1970's and my children went to Bible School here.  We also had social activities such as hay rides, hot dog roasts, and Sunday School picnics at Dam 50 park.   Other local families that attended were the Tom Carter families, the Virgil Cook families, and the Frank Belt families .  The picture above is the way the church looked when we attended it.

Hebron Church was closed in the early 1980's and the building was eventually sold. 

Today is it a family dwelling and has a somewhat different appearance than it did several years ago, with it's brightly colored trim of red, yellow and green.

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