Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dr. Forrest Carlisle Pogue, Jr. Marker

Historical County Markers

Over the past few years Crittenden Countains have been trying to help preserve our local history by having several history memorial markers made and placed in areas so that people will see them as they visit the area.

On June 30, 2006, this impressive black marble marker was placed at the entrance to the Crittenden County Public Library on W. Carlisle St. to honor Dr. Forrest Carlisle Pogue.

The life's work of a famous and influential Crittenden Countain, Forrest Carlisle Pogue is forever etched in stone.

In honor of Dr. Forrest Carlisle Pogue.. war journalist, professor, military biographer, research and pioneer of oral history techniques, reads the new black polish marble monument in from of the Crittenden County Public Library honoring Pogue.

Dr. Pogue grew up here in the rural community of Frances, and graduated high school at the the age of 14. He was later educated at Murray State, the University of Kentucky and he also studied abroad. Pogue wrote several books on World War II, military generals and United States history. He was often referred to as the "congenial historian" by others in his field.

This project was spearheaded by Matthew T. Patton, formerly of Crittenden County, now living in Pennsylvania, along with Chris Evans, publisher of The Crittenden Press. Henry and Henry Monuments of Marion made the marker.

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